Christmas Crunchtime!

Still 40% OFF !!


Adding inventory

to the floor daily!


The only exclusions are the

Peavy Acoustic Guitar Packs, Silvertone Guitar Packs

& Dog Food !


Great Stuff! Cheap Prices!

We  ONLY except CASH!

No debit/credit or checks.


Our items always priced to move!

Check our ebay store for hundreds of additional items!




Craigslist Postings Here!


Samsung Blu-Ray DVD Players: $40.00 NOW! $25.92

Sony Blu-Ray DVD Players: $40.00 NOW! $25.92

Samsung HDMI DVD Players: $25.00 NOW! $16.20

LG DVD Players: $18.00 NOW! $11.66

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Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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